Custodian Global Gateway Video - 2019

Client: Custodian

Tasks: 3D Animation

Wahl Straightening Brush

Client: Wahl

Tasks: Filming, Direction & Animation / Editing

Blitz Product Showcase Video

Client: Wahl

Tasks: Filming, Direction & 3D Animation / Editing

Magic Clip Cordless Launch Video - 2016

Client: Wahl

Tasks: Direction & 3D Animation / Editing

Academy Wahl Launch Video - 2015

Client: Wahl

Tasks: Direction & 3D Animation / Editing

HP Emotions D&AD Competition - 2013
Though the message was simple, the HP brief posed many challenges. The main task was to show the effortless process through which an individual can bring ideas to life with the help of HP workstations.

We took this message on board and started experimenting with the existing visual iconography for creativity. We went a bit further with our research and came to the realization that creativity does not exist on its own, and more or less is connected with personal experiences. We isolated the individual and explored the thought process behind emotions that ultimately bring creativity. The task of the video is to help construct a feeling in the audience that is similar to what we experience when we feel creative.

Aura Pakeltyte- Model
John Worthington- Voice(not in the final cut)
Pete Wallace- 3D Technical Supervisor
Alan Meades, Tom Showler, Robert Ives, Mihai D. Chirea – Idea development
Mihai D. Chirea - Filming | Editing | VFX | Animation

Tasks: Filming | Editing | VFX | Animation

Wahl Cordless Super Taper - 2014
The launch of the Cordless Super taper has been highly anticipated by UK barbers. Following the success of the original Super Taper launched in 1950, the cordless model is set to become the new standard in professional hairdressing.

In anticipation of its launch we set out to tease the Super Taper fans with a video.

Client: Wahl

Tasks: Video Production & Post Production

Annett Auto - 2013
A happy chappy advert for Annett Auto.

Client: TM Design

Tasks: 3D Graphics | Animation | Concept

Enblaze Uni. - 2012
‘Uni.’ is a revolutionary digital platform for Media Students. A better way to get instant, visual feedback from lecturers, collaborate with other students and promote your online portfolio.

The present video showcases some of the tools available in ‘Uni.’

For more information please visit:


Client: Enblaze

Tasks: Animation

Tv Idents MTV - 2012
An exploration of sound and visual. A post apocalyptic world invaded by alien spaceships that resonate the music of MTV. The task was to keep each element of the pack integral but at the same time individual.

Tasks: 3D Graphics | Animation | Concept

Always by your side - 2009
Renault Clio was intended as an aid for the owner, rather than a style of life. By acknowledging moments in which owing such a car becomes beneficial, I was able to create a short storyboard.

The commercial focuses on the relationship men develop with their cars. Good times, bad times, fun times; typical of any relationship.

Tasks: 3D Graphics | Animation | Concept